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Fearless Love Church

Image by Nick Fewings

Love is Fearless

In a culture today that is relentlessly pushing fear,

Fearless Love Church was born, July 1, 2021. 


​Welcome to the first church

for a new generation

for someone like you.  

So you can learn to worship God,

where His perfect love can push out ALL fear. 

Which leads to surrender and knowing Jesus for yourself,

so you can believe: 

that love is fearless, you can be fearless, your dreams can live on,

and in this church, 

there will always be a place for you here. 

Our Beliefs

If we were to summarize the Bible: 

God is love. 

If you've ever experienced real love, ​

you've experienced God, 

and we want to make it very simple

to help you find your way home. 

We believe, everything we need to know comes from the Bible, 

it was inspired by the Holy Spirit, 

and we serve One God, embodied in

the Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. 

That Jesus, as the Son, came down to earth,

as fully God, and fully man, 

died to forgive all our sins, 

was raised from the dead to redeem us, 

and wants a personal relationship with every human being:

starting with you. 

Image by Bart LaRue

Our Staff


Senior Pastor

Brian Lee

Brian currently lives in Irvine and enjoys daily running, making the Strava local legend categories, sunny weather and has some of his favorite memories where he met Anita, and they dated by going to check out a local church together. He now preaches regularly to Anita, his two children Ariana and Joshua, and their cat Mochi. 



Anita Lee

Anita has been described as the person "who will try anything once." While she aims to always do this within a Biblical context, she believes that doesn't mean being boring, but rather

birthing beautiful visions

that she loves to help make happen!

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